Business English made easy – For students and teachers of economics – Volume 01: For beginners

معلومات الكتاب

المؤلف: الدكتور عبد الفتاح تباني و الدكتورة وسيلة بلهادي

ردمك (ISBN): 978-9931-748-84-7

سنة النشر: 2022

الطبعة: الأولى

حجم الكتاب: 16,5-24 سم

عدد الصفحات: 147

الغلاف: عادي

تقديم الكتاب:

This course book comes under English for Specific Purposes (ESP) materials which is designed for teachers and students as well. The former can use it as a reference teaching textbook in the classroom for they can choose topics that may be relevant to the major of their students; the latter may use it on their own as a self-study material in order to improve and enrich their vocabulary in management, finance, accounting and the other related majors.

Additionally, the subjects used in this course book are entirely seen by the students in other courses, which are usually delivered to them in Arabic or French. This will help them learn the same concepts in different languages so as to better understand them. For this reason, most of the lessons are accompanied by a trilingual lexicon that contains a list of the key terms seen earlier in the lesson.

On the other hand, and unlike textbook of this kind, we thought it would be more relevant if we start the book by an English placement text to help the teachers group their students in accordance with their level of English. In this respect, we should think that an ESP material cannot be delivered without a general English course that must accompany it. To this end, we shall refer to grammatical and language materials along with the lesson if need be.

This course book will be set in two parts; the first of which shall be devoted to the theoretical aspects related to business majors; the second of which will be the work book of the courses: a large number of exercises with their answer-keys at the end of the book.